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BH Paints

GENERIC TYPE:        Vinyl Acrylic Latex

AREAS OF USE:       
Interior/Exterior, new plaster, brick work, cement rendering, concrete,
                                  asbestos sheets plaster boards.

IRON AND STEEL - should be throughly cleaned to remove all oil, grease, rust,
                                    scale, moisture. Prime with B-H ANCHORLITE METAL PRIMER RED 8650 or QUICK
                                    DRYING RED LEAD 8657.

                                    ALUMINIUM AND ZINC - should be degreased and etched with B-H ALUMINIUM
                                    FIXATIVE for ALUMINIUM and B-H Steel Retreatment solution for zinc. Prime
                                    with B-H ZINC CHROMATE PRIMER 8619.

                                    WOOD: - should be rubbed down and all knots and Resin Pockets treated with
                                    B-H KNOTTING VARNISH. PRIME WITH B-H PRIMER WHITE 2206.

                                    CONCRETE & CEMENT - should be free from efflores cence, loose sand and
                                    mortar splashes. Recommended Primer 8617.

                                    REPAINT WORK: - where blistering, peeling or cracking of the old paint has
                                    occurred, it should be completely removed by wire brushing. Where chalking
                                    occurs, wire brush throughly and apply one coat B-H PENETRATING LIQUID.
                                    NOTE NO PRIMER REQUIRED.

                                    PREVIOUSLY OIL PAINTED SURFACES - clean throughly to remove all grease
                                    etc. Remove all loose and flaking materials. Rub down with fine sandpaper
                                    and prime with appropriate primer where necessary.

APPLICATION:         Brush, Roller or Spray

COVERAGE:              450-600 sq. ft. per gallon depending on the porosity and texture of the surface.

DRYING TIME:           15 minutes. Re-coat in one hour.

PACK SIZES:            5 Gallons, Gallon

COLOR RANGE:       42 standard colors inclusive of black and white.

THINNING/                 Water

  Flat - (Gloss 5% Max.)

Shell Pink Apricot Off White Sorrel Blossom Pineapple
Spearmint Mountain Brook Blue Mist Whisper Lilac
Orange Glow Ivory Cream Sunshine Turquoise
Surf Apollo Contemporary White Ortanique Bonanza Gold
Bone White Buttermilk Cool Mint Forest Green Morant Blue
Ash Grey Seafoam Coral Coffee White Coffee
Alamander Yellow Olivette Aquamarine Caribbean Blue Westminster
Magnolia Pioncianna Bright Yellow Cloud Yellow Daybreak
Window Blind Green Holiday Green Pacific Blue Charcoal Romantic White

BH Paints



SURFACE                       IRON & STEEL - for conditions of severe marine exposure Commercial
PREPARATION:             Sandblasting is recommended. Prime with B-H FAST DRYING RED LEAD
                                       8657. For conditions of normal exposure, hand or power tool cleaning is
                                       sufficient. Prime with B-H ANCHORLITE METAL PRIMER RED - 8650.

                                       ZINC SHEETING (GALVANIZE METAL): Allow to weather a minimum of six
                                       months before painting, prime where necessary with ZINC CHROMATE
                                       PRIMER 8619. ALTERNATIVELY, etch with STEEL PRETREATMENT
                                       SOLUTION - 9505.

                                       ALUMINIUM SHEETING: Allow to weather a minimum of six months or etch
                                       with B-H ALUMINIUM FIXATIVE. Prime with ZINC CHROMATE PRIMER 8619.

                                        WOOD: Should be rubbed down and all knots and resin pockets treated
                                        with two coats B-H KNOTTING VARNISH. Prime with B-H PRIMER WHITE

                                       NOTE: B-H PERMA-COTE - HOUSE AND ROOF PAINT has self-priming
                                       properties and thinned with approximately 10% B-H #3 THINNER 8783,
                                       can be used as self-primer on wood for economic reasons.

                                      CEMENT: should be thoroughly dry and free from loose sand and efflorescence.
                                      Prime with ALKALI RESISTING MASONRY PRIMER SEALER 8617.

                                     PREVIOUSLY PAINTED SURFACES: should be throughly cleaned and all loose
                                     materials removed. Spot prime as necessary.

APPLICATION:         Brush, roller or spray

COVERAGE:              350-450 sq. ft. per gallon depending on the porosity and texture of the surface.

DRYING TIME:          Touch dry 4 hours. Re-coat after overnight drying.

PACK SIZES:            5 Gallons, Gallons, Quart

COLOR                     26 standard colors inclusive of black and white.

When necessary thin with B-H #3 THINNER - 8783 for brush and roller application.
CLEANING UP:        For spray applications use B-H PERMA FLEET THINNER 8782. To clean up use
                                  B-H #3 THINNER.

Fungus resistant Tropical

Morant Blue Off White Trafalgar Westminster Green Pacific Blue
Shell Pink Bone White Sorrel Blossom Spearmint Blue Mist
Coral Cloud White Sunshine Turquoise Surf
Ortanique Coffee Cream Aquamarine Ash Grey
Terra Cotta Leather Brown Buttermilk Jade Green Charcoal
Post Office Red Spanish Brown Canary Yellow Window Blind Green Capri Blue

BH Paints
House and Roof Paint
also available in black & white

Anticorrosive Roof Paint Grey Anticorrosive Roof Paint Green Anticorrosive Roof Paint Red Shingle Finish Green Shingle Finish Red
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